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Blow Moulded Water Tanks

 Our Blow Moulded Water Tanks under the brand Jaladhi in hubli, dharwad, karnataka is a testament to cutting-edge technology and efficiency. With best-in-class machinery and advanced energy-efficient features, we ensure high production rates and power savings. Our products incorporate power-saving motors, advanced drives, and user-friendly interface control panels which makes us one of the top manufacturers of Blow Moulded Water Tanks in Karnataka.


Product Range


We offer a versatile manufacturing capacity, ranging from 3 layers to 6 layers, allowing us to tailor products to your specific needs. Our range includes:


Vertical Overhead Tanks:


300 liters

500 liters

750 liters

1000 liters

1500 liters

2000 liters

Loft Tanks:


500 liters

750 liters

At Patil Insulating Co. Pvt. Ltd. Group, we prioritize innovation and efficiency to provide you with a range of products that meet your unique requirements while emphasizing energy savings and production excellence.

Features Of Tripple Layered Blow Moulded Water Tank

Rust & Rot Free
Extreme Durable & Long Lasting
Sunlight & Chemical Resistant
Higher Temperature Insulation
Uniform Wall Thickness
Features Of Tripple Layered Blow Moulded Water Tank